Alzheimer’s disease

Let’s imagine a future without alzheimer’s disease


Alzheimer’s disease is a disease that is closer than we think: one out of every two people has a direct or indirect relationship with it. Let’s find out more about the disease that affects millions of people and families throughout the world, in order to beat it.

A growing, incurable epidemic

Thousands of new people are diagnosed every day with Alzheimer’s disease in the world. We are faced with a disease of devastating effects and which, for the moment, has no cure. The absence of effective treatment and increased life expectancy will make Alzheimer’s disease the epidemic of our century.

The disease

Responses to an unknown disease

Sufferers of Alzheimer’s disease lose their memory and their identity until they fail to recognise the reality around them. Get to know a little more about the origin and consequences of a disease which affects millions of people and families.


For a future without Alzheimer’s disease

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