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“BICYCLE, SPOON, APPLE” the documentary about Alzheimer’s disease, in the official selection of the San Sebastian International Film Festival

6 September, 2010

BICYCLE, SPOON, APPLE has been supported by the Pasqual Maragall Foundation and has recently been chosen to participate in the official selection of the San Sebastian International Film Festival (out of competition). Directed by the oscar-nominated director Carles Bosch (Rafter, Septembers) and produced by Cromosoma, the film is an approach to Alzheimer’s disease after diagnosis from a scientific, human and emotional perspective. The documentary features first-person testimonies of Pasqual Maragall and his wife Diana, their three children, and their relatives and close friends, together with scientists and other patients, offering a moving and courageous story.

BICYCLE, SPOON, APPLE shows a history of struggle and hope. For two years a team has followed this unique patient in his crusade against Alzheimer’s. With intelligence, candor and humor, Maragall is followed along his daily rutines, his appointments with the doctors, with his family and in the Alzheimer’s Foundation he is promoting to approach a problem that affects 26 million people worldwide and that can only be beaten by scientific research.

BICYCLE, SPOON, APPLE has been produced by Cromosoma with the participation of TVC, TVE, XTVL, ICIC and ICAA. The film has its premiere in October and will earmark part of its profits to the fight against Alzheimer’s through the Pasqual Maragall Fondation.

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