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Humberto Rivas’ work joins the fight against Alzheimer

11 February, 2010

From the 11th to the 28th February, Arts Santa Mònica will held the exhibition “With Humberto Rivas” in which the picture “Mallorca” is interpreted by 18 artists:  Jordi Aligué, Salvador del Carril, Toni Castany, Toni Cumella, Manel Esclusa, Rosa Feliu, Joan Fontcuberta, Pere Formiguera, Ferran Freixa, Alberto Garcia Alix, Jordi Guillumet, Manolo Laguillo, Martí Llorens, Francisco Navamuel, Mònica Rosselló, Amèrica Sánchez, Manuel Serra and Mariano Zuzunaga.

The presentation of the Humberto Rivas Archive and the exhibition opening took place on the 11th of May. Along the event, Jordi Camí introduced the Pasqual Maragall Foundation to the audience.

The 18 pieces of work exhibited can be purchased and the profits yielded will be donated to the Pasqual Maragall Foundation – to support scientific research on Alzheimer’s disease- and to the Humberto Rivas Archive – to preserve Humberto Rivas artistic heritage.

Pasqual Maragall visited the exhibition accompanied by Rivas’ widow, María Helguera, the culture minister from the Catalonian Regional Government, Joan Manuel Tresseras and the Arts Santa Mònica current director, Vicenç Altaió.

The exhibition brochure is available here.
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